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Overview of the Temple Riders Association

About the Temple Riders Association

Bylaws & Policies  



The Temple Riders Association (TRA) has now grown to international status. With organized Chapters throughout the United States and international groups in Brisbane and Sidney, Australia, our membership will soon exceed 600. Our on-going objective is to find additional like-minded riders who prefer not to schedule rides on Sundays unless absolutely necessary*, who maintain Christian standards, who do not use alcohol or tobacco, and are free from profanity and off-color stories.

TRA Members are as diverse as the bikes they ride. Honda, Harley, BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, we ride them all! Some bikes are brand-spankin' new, others quite old, and many are somewhere in between. We do not care what model of motorcycle you ride, if you're married, single, male or female. What is important is that you agree with the TRA concept and love to ride!

Many riders are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and christian standards as set out by the LDS Church are expected to be maintained during all TRA events and activities, but CHURCH MEMBERSHIP IS NOT REQUIRED to join the TRA. We welcome those who are not members of the LDS Church.

The TRA hosts many activities throughout the year including rides, dinners, and events of more spiritual nature, including--as our name suggests--visiting LDS Temples. The TRA tries to schedule enough rides--both "temple" and "scenic"--to provide an opportunity for everyone to ride with us. Since its inception, members of the TRA have ridden to many LDS Temples and to every State in America, to Canada and Mexico. And, of course, that geography has now expanded to include Australia.

* Some TRA Rides last longer than one week, or the beginning and ending dates are such that a Sunday is included. In these instances, Ride Coordinators are urged to plan their ride schedule to include attendance at LDS Services in a Ward or Branch along the way. See the TRA Policy about riding on the Sabbath Day under Policies & Bylaws.

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TRA Terms & Conditions

Any person who takes part in any TRA Ride or Activity or any Ride or Activity planned by sponsored by or supported by any TRA Member, shall accept the full responsibility and liability for their own actions, their own person and their own property, and shall hold harmless the TRA, its Officers, and its Members in the event of any injury or accident. Acceptance of membership in the TRA or participation in any TRA event is evidence of acceptance of these TRA Terms & Conditions, and all Members of the TRA are urged to explain these TRA Terms & Conditions to their friends and/or guests who may, from time to time, participate in any TRA Ride or Activity.

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In the spring of 1987 while at a Salt Lake City motorcycle shop, Frank Reese (TRA founder) stood beside Betty Sessions, who ordered a part for a Honda Gold Wing. He asked if the she belonged to the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) and she responded, "No, we don't like to ride on Sundays". Having similar views about riding on Sunday, they continued to chat while they picked up their orders and agreed to get together with their spouses and plan a "weekday" motorcycle ride. As both couples were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and temple recommend holders, they decided to combine a visit to two LDS Temples with their motorcycle ride. Shortly thereafter Frank and Catherine Reese, and Betty and Boyd Sessions left on a Friday morning and rode to the Ogden Utah Temple. After the Temple Session they rode through Ogden Canyon to Huntsville and over the panoramic Monte Cristo Highway to Bear Lake, Idaho, where they camped in a cabin owned by friends of the Reese's. On Saturday morning they traveled through scenic Logan Canyon to the Logan Utah Temple. After the Temple Session they rode back to their homes in Salt Lake City. Little did they know at that time, what would happen in the future because of that first "Temple Ride".

This was such a rewarding experience that Frank and Catherine began to look for others who might enjoy weekday scenic rides to LDS Temples. By the spring of 1988 the group of prospective "Temple" riders had grown to the point that it was decided to create an official organization. The first TRA bulletin (invitation) was sent on April 4, 1988 to 11 prospective member addresses. Six couples attended the "organizational meeting" early in May and became the "Charter Members" of the TRA. By February 1989 there were 51 names on the membership roster, mostly couples. Today, the total membership of the TRA will soon exceed 600 with Chapters and members throughout America, and in Canada and Australia.

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Bylaws & Policies

The following files are in Microsoft Word and .PDF format.
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Official TRA Bylaws Word PDF
Donations Word PDF
Sunday Rides Word PDF
Endurance Rides Word PDF
Rides and Events Word PDF

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The following files are in Microsoft Word and .PDF format.
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Appointments Word PDF
Appointment Chart Word PDF
Regional & State Directors Word PDF
Chapter Leaders Word PDF
Riding Group Leaders Word PDF

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Dinner Meetings

Each TRA Chapter is encouraged to hold a monthly meeting to discuss TRA business and activities. Most of these meetings are dinner meetings, and all TRA Chapters are encouraged to list their meetings and activities on the Events Calendar (in the Members area). Some dinner meetings are at restaurants and others are pot-luck, back-yard affairs. We have a good time eating, visiting, telling about the past months rides, and getting psyched for the upcoming rides.


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Website Use

The full functionality of this website is reserved for active members of the Temple Riders Association and its use constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Once current membership is verified your account will be activated and you will be notified via email. For information about joining the TRA please click the Join link above.


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Riding Groups

TRA Riding Groups are designed to allow small groups to participate fully in TRA activities. A Riding Group can be started with as little as 2 or more registered TRA members participating. Riding Groups are approved by the Executive Committee of the TRA and are listed on the website along with the Group Leader's name and contact number. A group leader is the only required position. If the group grows in numbers and participation over time, they can apply to become a full chapter.
Click Chapters/Riding Groups to see a list of Chapters and Riding Groups and their leaders.


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